Thursday, September 18, 2008

Global Warming denialists, Creationists, and Answers In Genesis

Why is it that Christian Creationists always seem to be on the side of the Global Warming denialists?


L's said...

Perhaps because, they are very careful about what they believe in?

Steve said...

Money. AIG is supported by donors, and if the donors feel financially or ideologically threatened by the types of people who are taking action to cut GHG emissions, then AIG has plenty to gain by sounding like the voice of understanding and reason, while it has everything to lose by siding with the folks taking preventative action.

Moreover, most of the folks who are taking action also believe in an old naturally-formed earth, and so there's a fake-but-percieved risk that choosing to take action means conceding the old-earth scientists might have been right about something.

I guess, in the end it comes down to insecurity (over money), and pride (over concession). So I guess you could say the answer to "why", is sinfulness which, as Christians, we'd take as a given. So I'm not at all surprised. Just frustrated.

BTW I tore up my most recent copy of Answers Magazine and I'm mailing it back to them with a copy of Flannery's book The Weather Makers, and a printout of a few IPCC reports; the bits of the magazine serving as bookmarks for sections I'd like them to read. Rude? Yup. But to use their words, it's a "measured approach" compared to what I'd originally thought to do.

Dano said...

That seems a little far out there. I don't see how Answers In Genesis has a LOT to gain, most of thier money comes form people who appreciate their creationist view. After all, that is what their organization is about.
And why are you being so rough on them? Isn't there even the most remote chance that they could be RIGHT? If you haven't read the articles in their website, you should. Know what you are arguing against.
As for the voice of understanding and reason, I still have yet to hear of one person who hasn't used the "slippery slope" when they argue for Global Warming. ("Slippery Slope" goes in the same category as "Bandwagon", "Card Stacking", and "Stereotyping": all propaganda techniques)