Monday, June 30, 2008

for the 4137891st time Answers In Genesis has endangered its credibility

I hate to sound somewhat overly anti-AiG here, I am not against AiG, really I only disagree some parts of what they say; and the areas in which they reside include science, the philosophy of science, the philosophy of religion, theology, biblical interpretation, and history. Ok so I basically disagree on at least one point on everything. Moving on, as you can guess Answers In Genesis has reviewed the movie expelled. At the same time they have supported much of the misinformation in the film. They did not even catch many of the falsehoods, this is quite disturbing, and it is a fatal blow to the credibility of Answers In Genesis (not that AiG supporting a young earth interpretation of the bible was bad enough, the intellectual world is not especially kind to those ideas I am afraid). Either the author of this review didn't do his homework or AiG is just like Expelled; deceitful. I remember Jesus saying something about that, hopefully this is not the case though, I have too much faith in human nature to believe that.

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AIGBusted said...

Don't take my word for it, but I believe that Answers in Genesis is so convinced that they must be right that they simply pay little attention to anything that conflicts with their view. They do not question their worldview, and that is something that is always dangerous and unwise.

By the way, your post about the "living fossils" was great. I have always had trouble understanding why creationists think that "living fossils" support their case. I mean, some groups of animals may change very little. This usually means that they are either highly diverse creatures or they have been occupying a similar ecological niche for ages. How fast species change depends on a lot of things.

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