Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rael takes on the blasphmey challenge

Now this you would probably expect, I was surfing the Internet and I ran across this video. Forgive me for saying this but its frankly ridiculous. Rael, the founder of the Raelian movement which believes that humans were intelligently designed by aliens; now I have no problem with believing you are designed, I believe in God you have just as much right to believe in aliens who created humans.

Well although they do say that they apparently have evidence, its the same evidence the Intelligent Design advocates have however. The entire video is pretty silly, I am trying very hard to hold back any sarcasm over one thing which really stuck. Rael is apparently opposed to today's calender because its based off the Christian calender.

Oh pulleeze! Who cares not even the most paranoid atheists want the calender changed. Its not even really a Christian calender anymore, rather then "BC (Before Christ)" and "AD (Anno Dominae = Year of our Lord)" its BCE or Before Common Era and CE or Common Era. And its a useful calender, there is no need to change it. After all is there anyone who really cares? If you really care say so in the comments.

And atheists who think unlike myself he is truly one of you; ignore his rationalistic rhetoric, he's religious through and through despite the fact he doesn't believe in God.

The entire video is rather strange, go ahead and make your own judgements of it.


Anonymous said...

I'm Raelian and I have met Rael myself. You couldn't be any further from the truth when saying he is a religious fanatic :) You might want to actually meet people first before you publish comments about them.

The point behind the calendar is that we shouldn't introduce elements or functions into society that are based on any particular religion or faith. It isn't fair to those that don't agree with it or practice it. Religion is personal and should stay that way. If I ever go to court, I shouldn't have to put my hand on a bible. Our money shouldn't say in god we trust, etc.

Created Rationalist said...

Forgive me for calling him a religious fanatic, I was not trying to make the impression that he was religious in the same way an islamic terrorist is, I will change that.

I was only givng a first impression. He might be a nice person I am sure he is but that does not make him right I am afraid.

As far as the calender goes, yes the Gregorian calender was once based on religous traditions but its not anymore, the calender system in of itself does not originate from Christian but pagan traditions. The names of the months were given to it by the pre-Christian Romans, Christmas was originally the holiday of saturnalia. Christmas was originally made to be in December by the church to dfraw Christians away from pagan holidays. The only thing which is really of Christian origin is the fact that it dates from Jesus' birth (four yes after his birth actually). My point was that changing the calender simply because of vestigial religous traditions is impractical and unnecessary. The Gregorian calender is very accurate and useful, there isn't any good reason to change it. If you want to simply change year zero so its unrelated to Christ where would you want it moved anyway? You would have to make it meaningful to all people which isn't exactly possible. It would be better just to ignore the vestigial religous basis of the modern calender and move on.