Friday, October 3, 2008

Is it possible for evolution to inspire faith?

That is an interesting proposition; it is true that the granduer of evolution can create a religious experience in some people while it creates the opposite feeling in others.

An interesting article discusses this idea of evolution being something which can lead one to God, however being that it comes from Emmergent Village, which is a hub of the Emmerging Church I would take what they say with a grain of salt.

Being a Christian who believes in evolution, I see it as a method of creation which God invented to allow for the emmergence of life and what he wanted, other sentient beings to have a relationship with. Although I do not believe evolution would inevitably lead a man to God anymore then it would inevitably lead a man to atheism, evolution does have religious implications nonetheless.

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I have a Question said...

That is an interesting point you make, CR. While it is true that people with different points of view draw different conclusions from viewing the same scene (how fast was that cow going anyway), it seems to me that evolution (a theory developed by an atheist and traditionally a way to explain creation without God) would not tend to draw people towards faith, but rather away from it as the can now write God out of the picture.

On a separate note, I've finished that project you asked me to about, so if you could send me your email address (you know mine), I'll forward it to you.