Saturday, October 25, 2008

Top ten so called myths about evolution part 3

Now after a rather busy week we get to transitional forms. Then 7th top myth is that there are clear transitional fossils. Well if you creationists could remind paleontologists of that, it would be quite nice. one of the more extraordinary transitional forms is Tiktaalik with phalanges, a neck, and inner ear structures which appear half-way between land animals and fish. Also lets not forget our friends Archaeopterix and Microraptor. Also here are two videos about transitional forms, part 1 and part 2. The guy despite being a professing Christian is an especially rabid anticreationist which some of my creationist associates might find offensive but he does have good information.

Hence transitional forms is another scientific reason to become a theistic evolutionist.


Wiseguy said...

Praise God for refutations of evolutionism. Best creationism site ever: I also recently wrote a blogpost regarding this from the biblical perspective which readers may be interested in Keep fighting the good fight.

Dave The Happy Singer said...

Wiseguy isn't one. He hasn't even read the post.

Perhaps this will be simpler for him: