Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I have been accused of being a fake Christian!

Yep, it happened, as well as one person calling me deluded and that I still had a lot to learn I was called afake Christian by a young earth creationist.

I was commenting on Evolved Rationalist's post on Expelled. Well there is a young earth creationist christian there name Creationist (creative name huh!). Well he said something about "Darwinism" leading to Nazism and Eugenics and I replied;

I feel outnumbered as a theistic evolutionist. Everyone on this board seems to
be either a creationist or atheistic evolutionist.and Creationist, using your
logic the KKK would all be theistic evolutionists being that they are pretty
close to being nazis (they hate blacks, Jews, Catholics, and pretty much anyone
who is different from them), But no; they are most likely biblical literalists
like you (I am not equating biblical literalism with racism simply saying the
fact that they are racists or nazis is irrelevent).

Now there was another Christian besides him and myself on the board, Christislord12 who said;

You are not a true Christian if you do not trust G-d enough to believe what
He says about creation. How could you call G-d a liar just because of what
scientists say? You are in danger of hellfire.

After this I made my offical proclamation that he was fire-breathin' baptist. I replied;

Um Christislord12,Lets see how your claim holds up
--I believe in God
--I believe the bible is true
--I believe in the virgin birth and literal ressurection of Christ
--I believe in the trinity--
I accept averything in the nicene creed--
I believe Jesus is God in the flesh.
--I believe God created the universe
So how am I not a true Christian I agree with 95% of what you say I simply
think God used evolution and that the scientific evidence for it is very
convincing, you on the other hand are simply being subborn; Dogma, not faith
impedes science

Well I think that pretty much settles it, I must once again stress the fact that I am a Christian, well you remember what happened to Jesus

Of course his friend, Creationist chimed in (twice);

There are not only atheist Darwinists here, but also fake Christians who
are actually Darwinists but pretend to be Christians to mislead others. They
will burn in hell with the rest of the atheist Darwinists and the arrogant blog
author who thinks that she has the right to make fun of Christians.


Christislord12, yes I agree with you.Shalini Sehkar EXPOSED!!

Created Rationalist also EXPOSED as a fake!!!!!

All are being EXPOSED!!

Oh well...I know what Christ commands me to to do about those people (although they probably won't appreciate me putting them in that category)


Chris said...

Good for you for defending yourself and your beliefs. It is amazing to me that people on both sides of the issue can take such an angry response to people who disagree with them. They show they have small minds yet big mouths.

I agree that you should "shake the dust from your feet"

Eugene said...

Good post! I really enjoyed reading through your blog and I know how you feel, ever since I "came out of the closet" so to speak about accepting evolution I have been attacked for it by several former friends. Honestly, I get tired of always having to side with the atheists in every debate against my fellow Christians, but they leave me no choice. Thanks for this post, I feel encouraged after reading it.

On the evolution debate, I wish more Christians would take the advice of St Augistine