Saturday, April 19, 2008

My first post on this blog

Irritating name for an article isn't it? It sounds like a preschooler telling about his first day on the swing, alas, it is difficult to make a good first impression.

If I were to introduce myself as a defender of belief in God I might immediately be seen as just another religious nut trying to shove his beliefs down the throats of innocent people passing by this blog.

And again, if I were to say I am a defender and promoter of science and that one of my intentions is to denounce irrationality and pseudoscience, I might equally alienate my fellow theists into thinking I m merely a religious skeptic (I do not intend to make a false dichotomy between science and religion of course).

Perhaps the best way to introduce myself would be to tell how I got to becoming a blogger. You see I am a sixteen year old high school student and I'll beat you to the punch line; yes I am a Christian and I am not at all ashamed of it. I hate to sound like I am bragging but I am leader of a ministry at my church (this is of course because--I founded the ministry) which we basically meet every Tuesday and discuss science, apologetics, and other things related to science and Christianity. We also have a newspaper which I give out each Sunday. Well I started this organization to not only promote a love for science among other Christians but also to defend the Christian faith from all angles including scientific angles.

Well anyway getting on with this tale, a little while ago (about a month) I discovered an atheist friend of mine had a blog as well as many others. After seeing her blog it wasn't very long before I was introduced to the entire atheist blogosphere (probably a term describing a constellation of blogs with similar purpose and themes). I also ran into the all the buzz about the documentary which recently came out called Expelled: No intelligence Allowed. After reading several reviews and watching Ben Stein talking about the show and evolution I was somewhat amazed at the utter lack of knowledge of the shows producers as it pertains to evolution. I soon saw the need for increased interest in science among those who are religious. I also realized that many were equating theism with anti-science. Also I was somewhat intimidated by the fact that there were so many blogs opposed to belief in God and Christianity.

Now there are Christian blogs and websites but unfortunately so many of them are not well informed and used outdated arguments and most of their case has been refuted. So being that I have the upper hand in this area I have decided to go up and start a blog to try to give reasonable defense of the Christian faith.

Rather then make a list of what I am going to discuss like some sort of college course I will just tell you basically what I intend to blog about; science, faith, and probably evolution and the creation/evolution controversy. My other plan is to provide a descent pathway of useful and accurate information about the world around you; my plan is to enlighten you, not to trick you.

And that concludes my first post on this blog, to all who are reading this, good day and God bless.


GodCreatedBrains said...

I believe that God created the world and He created man. I believe that God created science and usually follows it's rules but I also believe that some things in the bible are just plain miracles. God can break his own laws when he chooses too, other times science has caught up with what the bible says. I have heard some stories of a dog and a man being swallowed by a whale or fish. Can you comment on the reliably of these stories?

Created Rationalist said...
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Anonymous said...

James, educating the religious about science is a very worthy cause indeed. Though I disagree about science showing that the Judeo-Christian god exists, I am glad that you have decided to join us in defending evolution.

I'm going to be linking to you on my blog.

Created Rationalist said...


Created Rationalist said...

Godcreatedbrains, actually there is a story about a man name James Bartley surviving in a whale in the 19th century. although popular it turned out to be nothing but an urban legend. If you are referring to the story of Jonah I think that would have been a miracle. However according to this source it is possible swallowed by a whale and survive because it gives instructions on how to get out!

In the beginning GOD said...

Just wondering if you have read the article in World magazine (April 19/26, 2008) about the movie, "Expelled"? Not having seen the movie, I believe the point of it is that there is no place for debate on college campuses. If a professor even hints that there might be another explanation for the existance of the universe other than evolution, they are blackballed and/or fired. What are the evolutionists so afraid of? If they were secure in their position, debate about ID would be welcomed!

Created Rationalist said...

In the Beginning God,
Go to

the video Expelled is not incredibly honest, I don't think Christians should support that video

smoke said...

Hey kid,

Keep reading the bible and keep asking yourself the hard questions. Never accept “just because” or the “we aren’t meant to know” mentality. You’ll be surprised where this road takes you and in the end it is an enlightenment of a different kind, which is surprisingly the most rewarding.