Thursday, April 24, 2008

Restated statement of faith

For some reason I thought my beliefs were well understood. I am an evangelical Christian who believes in the inerrancy of the bible and still accepts the current scientific theories on the origin of the universe ans the diversity of life. I thought it was well understood that I was a Christian Apologist. Well after reviewing this comment on my last post I realize that I was gravely mistaken; the parts which are sadly misconstrued I will put in bold.

The problem with Christians is the same problem with any other group of people,
it is made up of people and people will always make mistakes. People posting on
youtube should take extra care that they are presenting the truth. Obviously
there is a lot of ignorance out there but not all Christians or all YE
Creationists are ignorant
. Many of are trying to understand the points of common
agreement and the points of disagreement.Created Rationalist could you create a
post stating what you do believe? I am curious to see how much we agree on. I
believe we will have more in common than in opposition.

Sigh....I don't know How this person thinks that I think all Christians are ignorant,

this is what I said;

You may remember my statement about Ben Stein being unknowledgeable about
evolution and the nature of science what I said here has been replaced with these bold letters to tell you I should not have said that, here are some
unfortunate examples;
first video Ben Stein butchers the term evolution (or Darwinism). Now although
Darwinism is an actual
, it is not the theory of evolution itself, merely the underlying
philosophical concept which Natural Selection is associated with. He like many
creationists seems to confuse evolution with abiogenesis, this is not true
considering that there are evolutionists who do not believe in abiogenesis (such
as advocates of Panspermia
and some theistic evolutionists). And since he calls evolution "lightning
striking a mud puddle he obviously doesn't know what evolution or abiogenesis
are."In the second video Ben Stein seems to be mistaking evolution (or
"Darwinism" as he calls it) for the secular theory on the origin of every
concept known to science (life, gravitation, etc.) and thus stretches across
every field of science (biology, astronomy, physics). In actuality evolution is
only an attempt to explain the diversity of life and how organisms change over
time, and how genes drift through populations. I don't think Christians or anyone
associated with the Intelligent Design movement should support Stein, he
unfortunately is also rather dishonest in his tactics.

Where did I even use the word Christian except at the end where I said I didn't think Christians or Intelligent Design advocates should support the movie expelled? I said many creationists misunderstand it, this does not mean most are ignorant, only some. Also I definitely do not think all Christians are ignorant, I have no idea how this person got that. I definitely don't think that my coreligionists are all ignorant yokels. Unless this person equates belief in young earth creationism with Christianity and evolution with Atheism.

Really I don't care what a Christian decides to believe about creation. If you decide you want to believe that the earth was created in 6 days 6,000 years ago and you are secure in your faith then go ahead. But there are also many Christians myself including who are not satisfied with young earth creationism and would rather believe God used mainly natural processes to get us here. Now both sides have a tendency to attack each other on this subject. But when my position is attacked I will defend it. There are a lot of people who believe in God and the bible because they know secular science and the bible are reconcilable. Saying it can't be can hurt their faith in God and the bible. And I will fight against anyone who is a potential threat to my brothers and sisters of faith. I believe you should review what Jesus said about those who led others astray with their teachings. Also if a young earth creationist, atheistic evolutionist, theistic evolutionist or anyone says something I know to be wrong about the natural world or the bible I will correct them, as Jesus said, the truth will set you free.

I will end this by telling you exactly what I believe;
--That Jesus Christ lived, literally died on the cross for all mankind and literally rose again on the third day.
--That Jesus is God incarnate, and the creator of the universe
--That the universe and all life was ultimately created by God
--and that Christians rather then indulging themselves in petty conflicts should work to make a better place according to the Creation Mandate (Genesis 1:28) and spread the gospel as well and clearly as possible according to the Great Commission (Mark 16:15).

I hope no one will misinterpret that...


Anonymous said...

Is this site a spin-off on Evolved Rationalist's 'Evolved and Rational'?

BEAJ said...

Besides checking my site out, The Atheist Jew, you should also check out Thank God For Evolution (a theistic evolutionist like you)

Created Rationalist said...

"Is this site a spin-off on Evolved Rationalist's 'Evolved and Rational'?"

Only the name