Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Of Reptillian humanoids and dinosaurs

Is there life on other planets? Perhaps, this question is interesting but actual inquiry should never be taken beyond the scope of scientific inquiry (that's what science fiction is for). Well if there are aliens, this guy has gone one step further. He says the aliens in UFOs are dinosaurs! That's combining to species of geeks into one!

Will the UFO nuttiness ever end?


AIGBusted said...

Planet Atheism was right, you are a rational!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog you have! Totally worth reading. :)

It just so happens that I, too take a stand in supporting Theistic Evolution which I find a far much better way to teach about God, our Creator than that horrible young earth dogma. I have two blogs I highly recommend for you to visit in which both of them expose and debunk the young earth nonsense being put on about dinosaurs living alongside humans. Here they are.

The great Dinosaur Mystery and the Big Lie

Dinosaurs and The Bible A Creationist's Fairy Tale