Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The saddest thing about anti-science Christians

I was at the Bad Astronomers blog. He has talked about Ray Comfort (the banana guy). Ray Comfort in his blog talked about the Phoenix probe landing on Mars. He talks how he thinks exploration is such a waste of time. For a natural theologian this seems surprisingly anti-science.

Now he does have a valid opinion that we should also be fixing problems on earth as well as be exploring space, but we have enough money to do both.

This highlights the saddest aspect of being an anti-science Christian as opposed to being a pro-science Christian. You miss the grandeur of the creation of God. You miss the expression of the creator's creativity, ingenuity, beauty, intelligence, and most of all the power of the God we claim to worship. Whether or not God created the the universe in six days or six ages of natural processes the universe shouts the glory of anyone who could make it.

Visit the Phoenix section at the NASA website. There are some pretty awesome pictures as well as stories. Someday humans may explore the surface, as well, we will leave and explore the universe leaving people like Ray Comfort behind.

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