Monday, May 26, 2008

Of asteroids and of conspiracy theories

Well before I leave for three weeks, I Just have to write on this subject. I just watched one of the silliest videos of all time. It is a Christian who has bought into the 2012 "end of the world" nonsense, ignoring verses like Matthew 24:23-28, and unintentionally spreading something which is untrue, (which likely to annoy astronomers and sensible people atleast until 2012). And unfortunately other Christians have been dragged into this rumor.

The rumor has two flavors, one is that on December 22, 2012 a planet Nibiru (which supposedly exists beyond the orbit of Pluto) will come very close the the earth causing floods, earthquakes, tsunamis etc.

The second flavor is that a giant asteroid is going to hit earth on that day and that will be wormwood ( a cosmic object described in Revelation). Well the video I am reviewing is one of the second kind (although the first flavor is also really silly). The person in mind (his user name being states that an asteroid will collide with the earth probably around December 22, 2012.

Both of these are unlikely because neither an asteroid or a planet is going to come that close to earth in 2012, as far as asteroids go; 2012 is going to be one boring year.

Of course if there was an asteroid that was going to hit the earth on 2012 we'd be able to tell, and as we speak NASA would be working on laser technology to try to blow this asteroid off course so it would miss the earth. Now there is an asteroid which will come near earth, but it will come around holloween (yes holloween) 2029, it will come very close to earth but it will miss it. Now whats funny about this talk about asteroid impacts is that back in mid January there were some people who said an asteroid was going to destroy the planet on January 29, 2008! This asteroid was a real asteroid called tu24 which like most other asteroids just passed by unnoticed. And the asteroid which will visit us in 2029 will probably also catch some loonies as well (especially since its happening around holloween).

Now to my fellow Christians; this doesn't mean the world isn't eventually going to end, the bible does say eventually something more then a speck of dirt is going to hit our planet. But we don't know when this is going to happen, in Matthew 24:23 Jesus even goes so far as to say if someone says, "The world is going to end at this time and place" don't believe them! So unlike these two Christians, lets not be so quick to put our faith in rumors and put our faith in God.

Also to my atheist friends; I apologize for the ignorance and fear-mongering of my fellow Christians, there is really nothing which can be done to help this misguided people.


Anonymous said...

Your claims of being a Christian, fit very well with your comments which are laughable!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to find out that the Jesus story is just that..a story!

If you did any research at all into the Jesus story you would find no evidence to support the whole nonsense...other than The Bible, which is not a historical record created at that time.

..and if you out the same amount of effort into researching Nibiru, you would find a substantial amount of evidence to support the issue.

Now let me evidence?..a ton of evidence? Hmmmm!

Yep, I'll keep my head up my ass and believe in no evidence!

Did you know The Vatican funded the infra-red space observatory on the South Pole? I wonder why???

Created Rationalist said...
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Created Rationalist said...

Oh don't worry, I will research Nibiru, Just I'll look at both sides. Also I am interested how you would think I would call myself rational without looking into the thinking behind my faith. Don't insult with your rhetoric.

And what would an infrared observatory (something not even used to detect planets) mean the Roman Catholic Church is monitering Nibiru?